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We Teach students how to become good doctors

Becoming a doctor is a commitment to a career of life long learning where rapid growth and new advancements bring both a richness to the practise of medicine as well as significant challenge.

The pressures of medical school are felt by most at some stage over their academic journey, but for the majority the emotional, psychological and physical demands of the career are too frequently overlooked. 

This is where the Wellbeing Stream of MedSoc Uk comes in.

MedSoc UK is a community of students who together, are navigating the peaks and troughs of medical school. Whatever your circumstances, we have gathered together ideas and information that can help support you both professionally and personally. 

MedSoc UK will help to support your wellbeing during your time at medical school through;

  • Buddy System – pairing younger members in groups with more experienced members 
  • Arrange safe spaces to speak openly and confidentially 
  • Encourage you to connect with support networks and helpful resources 
  • Senior mentors who stay visible and available 
  • Provide essential tips on how to manage burdens specific to you to help benefit you, your peers and patients!