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We Teach students how to become good doctors

During your aspiring medical years, many of you probably described research as something you absolutely loved about medicine. Perhaps, you may have considered pursuing research in conjunction with the many different other streams a medical career can offer.

However, at medical school academic medicine and research can often be perceived as a complicated path only reserved or conquered by the elitist of medical students. Finding guidance on how to effectively navigate through the research world of medicine can seem challenging.

Consequently, the research elements of the programme can be easy to neglect as medical students. 

The demands placed upon medical students are extraordinary and yet the addition of research projects are often a programme requirement if not a highly encouraged option. As medical students we need to demonstrate research experience in order to obtain highly competitive training posts following graduation. 

This is where the Research Stream of MedSoc UK comes in. 

It is the opportunity for ALL medical students regardless of experience, academic ability or year group to learn the basics of research and come together to learn the practical steps to getting involved with research whilst also gaining an insight into the multitude of doors this avenue can offer.

Understanding research is essential for any doctor and can truly enrich your practice-both clinical and academic!


Where can MedSoc Uk help me with my research skills? 

  • Expose you to a pool of  experienced research mentors. 
  • Develop fundamental research skills (critical appraisal, critical thinking, literature review)
  • Increase understanding of clinical medicine. 
  • Provide research opportunities.
  • Improve prospects of successful applications for post grad training posts, grants and high impact publication.