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Medical Student Scholarship Programme


We Teach students how to become good doctors

As part of a non-profit national medical organisation, MedSoc UK reinvests proceeds from all of its events, books and the national magazine back into its applying and current medical students. One of the most useful ways of doing this is through the MedSoc UK Scholarship Programme.

This is an incredible programme that provides students financial assistance and mentoring, whilst unlocking invaluable educational opportunities that will springboard them into their chosen careers. This year, all of our final year medical student scholars have been offered Academic Foundation Posts. Our aim is to cultivate the next generation of game-changers, who have the skillset and experiences to tackle the issues faced by the NHS.


The MedSoc UK Scholarship Fund is the largest of its kind in the UK and is open to gifted and talented medical students studying at any of the UK medical schools. We are looking for the brightest, and most innovative young healthcare professionals who have the passion and commitment to take the lead on nationally impactful educational projects in partnership with MedSoc UK.

Our mission is to shape the future leaders of the NHS. The NHS needs a new generation of healthcare professionals who have the confidence and competence to take the lead and embrace change in order to improve the quality of care delivered. How will we generate these leaders of tomorrow? By recognising those with demonstrable potential, cultivating and enhancing their skillsets, offering unlimited professional mentoring support, and providing leadership opportunities, which enable students to manage nationally funded educational projects/programmes in partnership with MedSoc UK. This highly effective approach facilitates success and ensures progression within the healthcare leadership and management sector.

MedSoc UK are immensely proud to run this unique scholarship programme, but even more proud of our current scholars who have already published with MedSoc UK, transformed our teaching programmes and generated content for the benefit of the wider Medic Mentor network and community. MedSoc UK scholars are leaders, team players, presenters, academics, and mentors, and because of this, will make the best doctors, dentists and vets of tomorrow. MedSoc UK scholars are integral members of the Medic Mentor family. Our scholars are not only mentors to our aspiring healthcare professionals, but also mentees to our network of vice-presidents who comprise the Education Directorate, the management board for Medic Mentor (our sister platform for aspiring medics). As an organisation, MedSoc UK continually strive to give back and feed forward; we nurture talent, drive success and facilitate career aspirations.

MedSoc UK knows that the recipe for success is talent spotting, raising aspirations through mentorship and provision of the right opportunities at the right time which challenge and push leaders out of their comfort zones, but in which failure is still acceptable, thanks to our professional safety net of doctors. We know that highly capable professionals learn best through application and the best way to refine leadership toolkits is through implementation in real time. And that is why the focus of this scholarship programme is provision of funding opportunities, which the most entrepreneurial individuals will have the opportunity to pursue. The scholarships therefore provide continuing support throughout your degree and put you on a fast-track for success!

As a Medical Student

You must complete your Silver Award as part of the Medical Student Awards Programme to be invited to interview. Based on your performance at interview, you will be awarded a scholarship. We only have 5 scholarship places open for this each year, so the competition is fierce compared with applying for a scholarship as a secondary school student.

Upon receipt of your Silver Award Certificate, you will also be sent a scholarship application for you to complete with details of who and when to submit this to. If you are not awarded a scholarship at university, you can still complete your Gold Award for a chance to access Academic Foundation Application Support and a position on the central committee as a Vice President, when you graduate.

As a MedSoc UK Scholar you are an integral member of the wider Medic Mentor community. You are part of this national professional network of mentors. With this great privilege comes a great responsibility as well. As scholarship students, you are incredible drivers of change within the organisation. Because of your hard work on educational projects, you can transform and enhance any of the already established MedSoc UK educational programmes or initiatives.

The scholarship programme offers a unique opportunity to learn how to excel in your medical career (and beyond). You will also receive continuous feedback from senior mentors who are already leading successful careers of their own, just a few years ahead. As a scholar, you are at the centre of the give back, feed forward system in that you can benefit from the wisdom and insight of senior mentors, whilst also providing your insight and wisdom to aspiring students and junior medical students. It is a great privilege to be a scholar for MedSoc UK.

The support, training and opportunities available to you are unrivalled. Now it is over to you to make the most of this incredible organisation and work in partnership with us to expand, grow, develop and continually improve.

  1. Unlimited access to professional mentors for support and advice throughout your degree
  2. Opportunity to undertake nationally impactful educational projects
  3. Continual feedback and critique on your progress and how to improve further
  4. Presentation and teaching at national conferences
  5. National publications in the Mentor Magazine, plus peer-reviewed scientific publications
  6. Contribute as authors to Medic Mentor books
  7. Coaching and training in teaching, leadership, mentoring and presentation skills
  8. Educational programme to develop your academic skills
  9. Ambassador for the only mentoring organisation for doctors. 
  10. Opportunity to pitch new project ideas and provision of the infrastructure to make them happen
  11. CV building workshops and tailored support
  12. Annual appraisal system for continual professional development
  13. Careers advice
  14. Insight into career-enhancing opportunities
  15. Up to £12,000 of scholarship funding for your contributions to educational projects
  16. Scholarship prizes
  17. Provide academic references and certificates of attainment
  18. Mastering Medical School Textbook (To be released)
  19. Academic Foundation Programme tailored support, application advice and interview preparation
  20. Leading national medical student conferences
  21. Competence in medical education skills such as research, resource development and teaching
  22. Feel confident to innovate and implement new ideas.
  1. Learn about the principles of teaching, mentoring and widening access to medicine.
  2. Develop excellent leadership and project management skills.
  3. Develop excellent teaching skills.
  4. Learn how to set goals and focus a team.
  5. Learn to delegate effectively.
  6. Develop communication and active listening skills.
  7. Learn to negotiate and mediate conflicts within a team.
  8. Learn how to organise and manage a team of presenters from various backgrounds and different levels.
  9. Develop written communication skills.
  10. Learn how to engage with younger students and create useful educational resources.
  11. Learn about the principles of peer-assisted learning and medical education.
  12. Develop an understanding of research methods and be able to design a study.
  13. Learn to analyse and evaluate data.
  14. Develop scientific written communication skills.
  15. Develop critical thinking skills and appreciate the concepts of evidence-based medicine.
  16. Develop excellent problem-solving skills.
  17. Develop good decision-making skills.
  18. Develop organisation and time-management skills.
  19. Develop reflective skills.
  20. Learn the process of developing online educational resources.
  21. Develop some technological skills such as web development.
  22. Learn to create novel and effective educational resources.
  23. Learn to work in a team with medical and non-medical team members (aka a multidisciplinary team).
  24. Learn about the process involved in editing a magazine.
  25. Learn about the publishing process.
  26. Learn about the peer-review process and principles of evidence-based medicine.
  27. Learn how to manage a successful online blog.
  28. Develop confidence with written communication and editing skills.
  29. Develop reading and comprehension skills.
  30. Learn to manage your public persona.
  31. Learn how to be persuasive, and develop the skills and confidence to effectively communicate your thoughts; in order to get your voice heard and noticed.