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This is the only scholarship programme of its kind in the UK!

One of MedSoc UKs best initiatives is the Scholarship Programme. It gives medical students the opportunity to learn from senior mentors who have excelled in their careers and time at medical school.


What are the components of the Scholar's Academy?


We want to equip you with the skillset and expertise to make the most of your time at medical school, to learn the theory of leadership, teaching, effective communication and research, and then provide you with the opportunities to put these skills into practice; learning in real-time with feedback to facilitate further professional development

You will be given the opportunity to undertake educational projects that already exist, or that you can self-design.
You have access to an innovation fund to launch your business ideas.
There are a variety of opportunities to conduct medical education research as part of the research division.
You have access to challenging leadership opportunities such as co-ordinating national events.
You have continuous PPD support from the central committee.
You have access to pastoral support through wellbeing schemes and resources like the ‘buddy-system’.
You will have access to personal mentoring support for your academic foundation programme applications, when you reach your final year.

Not only is all of this free

By participating in these opportunities, you will be able to unlock scholarships worth up to £2000 per year

How can I access the Scholar's Academy?

The Scholar’s Academy is exclusively available to our Medical Student Scholars only. 

As a Medical Student

You must complete your Silver Award as part of the Medical Student Awards Programme to be invited to interview. Based on your performance at interview, you will be awarded a scholarship. We only have 5 scholarship places open for this each year, so the competition is fierce compared with applying for a scholarship as a secondary school student.

Upon receipt of your Silver Award Certificate, you will also be sent a scholarship application for you to complete with details of who and when to submit this to. If you are not awarded a scholarship at university, you can still complete your Gold Award for a chance to access Academic Foundation Application Support and a position on the central committee as a Vice President, when you graduate.